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Bold Strokes Books author Russ Gregory was raised in New Mexico and attended the University of Texas in Austin where he received an engineering undergraduate degree and an MBA. He writes in multiple genres including mystery, thriller and comedy.  His first novel, Blue, garnered critical acclaim for its compelling plot and character development and critics called his second, Greg Honey, A Honey Agency Novel, hilarious with a fast moving plot and wild characters. Gregory lives and writes in Austin Texas.

detective fiction
It's finally here!
Big Hair and a Little Honey
The Second Honey Agency Novel

(Released on  March 1, 2015)

Honey Agency:  When you need a dick and average will do.

The tag line is still dodgy  but Greg and his friends have little time to worry. Boyfriend troubles abound as Willa and Lucille land new ones and Greg frets over unwanted advances from an old one. Still things are going well until Willa gets arrested and Grandmother takes offense when a resident at the Manor tries to mambo with her new beau.


"... I may have gently nudged her with my parasol.”

“How gently?”

“Barely touched her. Of course Bertha’s got a calcium deficiency so I did crack a collar bone - and…”


“To be fair, she didn’t break her hip until later.”

gay fiction

 A pair of tortured souls find love as a serial killer stalks gay men in the streets of Austin Texas.

The first Honey Agency Novel.

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